Friday, October 9, 2009

never too late

i know i owe you guys lots of updates on raya, birthday wish, dinner n etc.. ok now chill and lets do it one by one. its gonna be a simple update yea.

happy birthday to my troublemaker brother.
ilyas.may god bless you and good luck for spm though i never see you holding book.heh

i'll get u ur birthday present as soon as possible.

this was during adam's open house before he hits UK for another 1 year.
with adam's car at the back. hahaha

i love you. xoxo

thanks for coming. sape nak dtg rumah i for raya, come come come. just text me.


right and left wings

majlis anugerah kecermelangan akademik, uitm jengka pahang. saw some familiar faces that nite. shaz, aizat, aisyah, amir, syed, putri and etc. uitm jengka has changed. new buildings and infrastructures in less than 6 month i left jengka.

shaz! hehehe. good to see you again.fight for your las sem and join me next year babe :)

paan and zahid
p/s: z, on9 ym eh. nnti i share photos dgn u.

once she makes it, she's there!


kudapolo said...

sure. i'll buzz u back :)

you stunned that night. kept that words till this sec. tgc.

anyssa said...


sYAz said...

if god's will,insyallah.
see you next year =)

anyssa said... ur kelab bumiku's tees for me n j.heee

sYAz said...

hahah,will do =)