Thursday, October 15, 2009

tag story

yes. gt gome early today after 2 weeks of super busy classes and practicals. it's getting more and more interesting as we started our tooth carving practical. hopefully it'll turn out to be a nice carved tooth since i dont have that 'artistic' gene in my DNA. heh.

ok lets do sumthing interesting today! tagged by cik fara dona.

1. copy award di atas & letakkan di blog anda...

2. nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang si pemberi award ni...
  • jadi sgt2 excited bile jmpe die kat jengka dulu. mesti macam 'fara!!!'. menjerit tu wajib la kan. hahaha
  • one of the first person that i linked to my blog
  • oh just read her words and how she expresses her feelings. lovely ;)
  • one of the brats like me that can survive in jengka. yes we can!
  • xtau mcm mane boleh kenal but we tag along well. kan? heee

3. setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta @ hobi sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya...
  • again, one of the brats that can survive in jengka. yes im proud to say dat.
  • i dont write bout my private life here.
  • i have more dress than jeans.
  • one of the rules as u enter my car is, do not step on my shoes. i stuffed all my shoesss in my car.
  • i want to be more like me and less like you.
  • klu u nampak i dgn ipod and lagu sgt kuat, maknenye i tgh stress. so baik jgn berckp dgn i time tu.
  • i have no problem to eat the same food every single day coz i only eat 'basic food'. the ordinary ones. even kambing pon i consider weird -.-"
  • be patient when u want to tell me a story coz i might ask u to repeat the story all over again sbb saya sgt blur.
  • im not dat smart.
  • bring me to any place coz i love travelling. from the shabbiest to the heaven-est place. i dont mind. and cant wait for the next scuba diving session.

4. anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya
dan describe tentang mereka
  • chong
  • boy
  • zahid. yes wajib
  • farah sofia
  • fara dona tp u dah buat la pulak. cesss
  • ryhaan
  • nadi
  • who else. you!
  • everyone
ishh xde baju nak convo lagi. ah malas nak fikir. off to bed. lagi best :))



fara rasep said...

hahahha.tak pun "oit makcik!!!"haha

yes.we can!

Sofia said...

nnt i akan buat dis tag.thanx faradona n nyssa! =D Babe, bile u convo?

anyssa said...

makcik: yes. xpun "oit nenek!!!" hahaha. rindu :(

farah sofia : this coming thursday. dah la hari tu i ade presentation for oral biology module -.-"

Sofia said...

oh ye ke...ala takpe ade excuse takpe.cube ckp dkat lecturers..kiterang haritu masa final exam tak silap tapi dierang genjakkan or something...

btw, congratulations anyssa!! so proud of u, hot dentist-to-be =D

anyssa said...

oh i blum beli baju convo lagi but was wondering to get a shocking pink plain kurung with bits so dat sama dgn pink sash tu. heeee.