Sunday, February 28, 2010

my closet

happy Sunday everyone. fill the air with love.

talking about shopping, i dont categorized myself as a shopaholic but i do shop a lot. the main reason i'm not in the 'shopaholic' category is because i do not use my own money. as simple as that. for me, a shopaholic is someone who uses his/her own cents to shop.

i have tonnes of clothes. some of them(referring to those clothes) are waiting to be worn. while some of them had only touched my skin once and they're now at the corner of the room. pity them. if only they have mouth and voice to speak out or at least cry.

i constantly bought clothes and skirts from this one brand that i'd rather not mention here since its first outlet in this country. lets name it "CO". now, CO is a well established brand with 3 outlets and paper bag too unlike some degradable plastic bag back then. CO offers a wide range of high quality outfits and accessories for its customers. not to mention, its affordable and oh so comfortable too. cheaper than those brands that i'd usually go for. you can grab 2 skirts for rm75 when you cant even get one single skirt from miss selfridge, for instance.

but lately, i'm having an eyesore+migraine knowing and realizing that i have lots of twins! yes people, we have similar items from the same store and we wear it at the same time. wtf right? how embarrassing is that? no one can explain -.-"

when not many of us knew about the brand, people tend to ask me where did i get those tees,skirts and pumps but now, you can guess it easily and go, 'oh, this is from CO'.

buying some kind of 'very' affordable clothes has its own disadvantages, of course. one of it is, clothes from this store tend to stretch after 3 or 4 times washing. and it really annoys me because it will only be added to my overloaded-baju-tidur section.

anyhow, it will not stop me from shopping because there's a hidden fun and excitement that you can never tell unless you experience it yourself. for now, i'll keep my CO's in the closet and let you guys go hoo-hoo-haa-haa with them. luckily i have a kindhearted sister who understands why i need a rm89 flip-flop and rm160 dress for daily use =)

have fun mix and match-ing!

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