Thursday, April 1, 2010


sorry for my once-a-week entry lately. been busy with faculty's activities last week. being the only 'free-hair' student in my faculty, i'm easily being spotted for my absence in any events or programs. this time, i cant seem to find any reason for not going to these programs, family day and telentime night. massive tiredness, i tell you.

family day: oh i have muscle spasm, bruises everywhere and high blood pressure because of this. okay i'm just exaggerating. you know how much i hate hate hate anything that is related to sports. running and sweating to be specific. after two years of jogging-free life, my muscles were forced to run and walk and run and walk again. i knew they were crying inside there. sigh.

bukit cerakah, shah alam: my oh-finally-its-over face

telentime: after 4 hours of never ending treassure hunt at bukit cerakah, we had telentime night for students to show their talent. every batch was required to send at least one entry for this competition. since no one from first year volunteered to participate, we decided that everyone have to take part and perform on that night. we did choir of medley songs. with only 3 nights of practice, we managed to get 2nd place. it was fun.

this familiar place is such a heaven.

ou: this little girl is all grown up now

happy april, readers. may happiness be with you always.


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