Thursday, August 5, 2010

sparks of asia

Those pictures explain why I've been abandoning this blog.

Pictures were taken during faculty's annual dinner which was organized by 2nd year dental student. The themed was "Sparks of Asia". The reason why we chose this theme is because we have lecturers form various countries like India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Russia, Pakistan etc. It was like a way to celebrate them and show our appreciation towards them. On that night, guests were required to wear a costume from another country other than their origin country. I wore saree which is the traditional costume from India.

It was a successful night, I must say. Now that everything is over, I can have my beautiful sleep not only at night but in between classes and during classes :D

the preparations...

Believe it or not, I didn't use any pins or needles.
With the correct technique, I managed to 'glued' it throughout the event.

with Puspa (Myanmar) and Ain (pakistan)

when they were crazy with 'who got the most expensive DSLR', I was busy taking pictures with Polaroid camera

Japanese costume by Akila and Dr. Anis

India, Pakistan, Japan and Indonesia

with mimi (Indonesia's jawa)

zul the pengarah program (India)

and the vietnamese daie

expect more updates from me :)


waniey_freakingGOOD said...

hey beautifull, i've experienced once with the indian sari just like u wore, ssh jgk kan nak belit kain yg panjang-panjang tue.. btw you look more beautifull day by day, lama tak update bace your blog..

p/s: dont cut your hair pls!

anyssa said...

I pergi kedai saree and mintak Indian lady tu ajar I pakai. Nasib baik melekat. Takut gile terlucut. hahahaha

I'm loving my hair tapi ada hairfall problem. Kena selalu buat treatment :(

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