Thursday, October 21, 2010

hair products

I have a natural straight and black colored hair. I straightened my hair when I was in form 2 although it's already straight, curled it up twice when I was in form 3 and 5. Then chopped it off and tried few styles from bob cut to bangs. Now I wanna keep it long and maintain it with once a month treatment.

My hair regime is simple. I don't use conditioner or serum to moisten it. Just shampoo. Very simple.

But my hair fall problem is getting worse as it grows longer! grrr.

I think it's about time to use conditioner and other hair products. Just bought few dove new line hair products. Intense Repair Shampoo, Intense Repair Conditioner, Intense Repair Overnight Treatment and Leave On Cream. Shall try these for few weeks and see the result.

my current obsession is headband

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