Thursday, October 7, 2010


One reason why I love staying in this residential area is because of the people. 70% or the residents are foreigners from different countries who are working in Malaysia. Upstairs mat saleh, downstairs mat saleh, groups of mat salehs on your way to swimming pool, everywhere.

The best thing about them is their politeness toward strangers. Do you say a simple 'hye' or 'morning' to strangers? I bet you don't because we especially girls were raised with the mind set 'do not have any eye contact with strangers. just walk straight. potential flasher is everywhere' hehe.

Unlike them. Just imagine this. You are walking downstairs, and there's this mat saleh greets you 'good morning girl'. One simple greeting can turn your cranky morning mood to a better feeling and you will eventually start your day with a smile. Lovely isn't it?

It seems impossible to apply this within us. There must be hidden intention when a stranger guy smiles towards a girl or the other way round. Three possible scenes that are expected to happen.

1) That girl will spontaneously look behind just to make sure that the guy is smiling to her.
2) That guy will get 'do i know you' look from that girl as she squinches her eyes.
3) The next thing you know, you got smacked in your face by her bf.

This kind of mind set that need to be changed among us.

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