Thursday, October 28, 2010

lets read

I used to read novels back in high school. Be it in english or malay. For english novel, I found it really helpful in improving my language, vocab and whatnot. Of course communicating in that language also helps. Not a problem there because I studied in a school with a multiracial students. We use english in dialy basis.

Then comes university life where it is 100% malays and bumiputera. A place that make you look like an alien if you talk in english. People will look at you like you're from the Pluto. Sad but true. Day by day, I can feel that I'm losing the mojo in writing and practising the language. I can no longer construct a flowery sentence.

Now, I think it's time for me to start reading, again !! Yes you can see my determination with that exclamation mark. haha. Many people tell me that they love Sophia Kinsella's novel. She's the writer of Devil Wears Prada and Confession of a Shopaholic.

As a start, I chose "Can You Keep a Secret?" by the young writer. Read it until chapter 9 already. I love they way she writes and how she puts words into a sentence.

I'm sure I won't stop with only one book. Gonna get other collections later because MPH one utama is having a book fair now. Bought it at 30% off. Great deal.

I know I shouldn't be reading novel when the final exam is just in a week -.-'

books = boring?
lets talk fashion. hehe

It's bright and sun-shining here, Selangor particularly. No idea how it's like in other states. I find that top made with soft chiffon material is the the best choice as it is so comfortable and breezy. I don't sweat much in it.

I love the color combo of my outfit to class today. My dark black hair matches the cardigan. That skinny belt matches my handbag. And my trousers matches my pump heels(not in the picture).

top : Project Love
belt : Project Love
bag : Nine West
trousers : Zara

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