Friday, October 15, 2010

making it work

Through out this week, I'm amazed on how my brain had finally started to function normally. The next thing I knew, I was on my bed with piles of notes. I mean, on bed studying not sleeping, duhh. Maybe because my brain freaked out about progress test on friday(just now) and finals in 3 weeks time while my body is somewhere in heaven. hehe. It went well. Better that previous tests. I guess to choose between a true or false answer is harder than writing an essay.

Happy holidays to uitm students. In shah alam to be exact. I'm expecting less cars, no traffic jam in the campus, ample parking space so that I dont have to double-park my car or to push dirty cars that block mine, less students fighting over food at the cafe

2 more weeks of classes to go.


Anonymous said...

sa desing baju ko payeat satu.huhu

anyssa said...

hahaha. malu lah i. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

buat je huhu
bleh tak,huhu