Sunday, February 15, 2009

happy 14th 2 day .)

happy valentine's day *i love you*

i'm back yo!hahaha. nasir made me update my blog!blame him.

hey im fully occupied over oh-i-cant-wait-to-get-online phrase.that was just those days.

nothing much to i told zahid, nak cite ape sgt pasal life kat jengka. he even called me pamalas for not updating my abandon blog.

so the safest

during high achievers club's members meeting

1st day of HARKEP

2nd day od HARKEP

thanks for coming!

  • oh talking bout harkep, a couple of cute guys definitely :)) but mesti all of them're like, younger than me say, by 2 years? attraction knows nothing of age kan?hahaha
  • shell pertrol station in jengka was a seriously.the machine for credit card payment(i failed when it comes to describing things) broke down n the bangla have to swipe the card in the counter n made me sign on the like, shitto, mati la klu kantoi sign next time, isi kat petronas.
  • im praying that jannh's, sit's n rara's family(boyfriend is included) would agrre with our vacation planning to indonesia.once again for me n rara but it's going to be the first time for all of us.plz plz plz.

i used to be your biggest fan

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