Friday, February 20, 2009

keep updated

K-A-N-T-O-I.hohohoho.just like that.with just ONE phone call from your wife. we know u've been telling tales about your family and your wife which you think will make u look innocent.fuck you for, we cant even look straight to your eyes because we are afraid that we might shout to you like nobody's business. so we'll just let you live with your imaginary kids, UK n your germany. n we'll sure to give u the ugly look and the ultimate stink eyes.i must say, a taste of your own poison.

so today was COOL..classes ended at 12pm n no class tomorrow =) but my assignments are piling up that i feel its gonna crash n fall harshly on top of my face anytime soon. anyway, slept right after class n the best part was, i forgot to wipe the black eyeliner off so i found myself looking like a panda who just got electrocuted. so it took me for like 5 minutes just to wipe off the black eyeliner.

last week, we saw theres this one light blue proton gen-2 which happened to parked opposite of my car with an exos(dunno how to spell) stuffed with trashes. n so we wrote a note on a piace of 'top shop reciept' for the car's owner.something like, "awak, i think someone's trying to pull a prank on you. they stuffed your exost with papers. It's dangerous! loves from WRN 4355(mine) and WRN 8860(jannah's)" then the next day, he/she replied "awak..thank sebab dah selamatkan nyawa sy.awak baik la.loves from WNF 83" his/her hand-writting was soo neat that we think he/she is a GIRL.

n so now, the most interesting happened...

went to mat sapak for a dinner.had roti tampal n meggi we parked our car at the side of the road...imagine my amusement seeing a certain car, in a certain color and with a certain car license plate. ok so control lagi n searching for the possibility. hahaha.then, siti asked zamer, "who is the owner of that blue car". n without any hesitation, he replied, "budak meja belakang ni" n the person was *cuedrumrolls*....someone who is sooo familiar that nan once had a big fight with that gang last year.i'd rather say, there are my enemies.

now u know how this 'virtual' and 'imaginary' world work on you.even to your enemies.

rephrasing "so near yet so NEAR"

updating because i know someone's gonna read this tonight =)) *smile baby smile*

good night lovers...good night readers


zahed` said...

hahaha. geng2 dak bm tu ke? nbi susah jd org baek nih.. *double winks

fara rasep said...

oke.lepas nih i pulak sumbat papers kat WNF 83.

and u,dah tak boleh bgtau dia.hahaha.

anyssa said...

zahead : time kte part 2, rmmber? mals nak ckp kat sini, nnti jadi kontrovesi plak.

xde la baik mane kan *triple wiksss*

anyssa said...

oh tu dah note lain dah tu...

"hahaha padan muka kereta kene sumbat.mati la kau sedut gas dari ekzos masuk kereta"

sounds evils.hahaha