Thursday, February 5, 2009

its 4th of feb =)

forgive me if im lacking updates and all.been busy with bel(english subject) updates ye sayang2 ku...

  • last friday, we went to Gamat Healing factory at shah alam.met Tengku Affandi, the project manager n bla bla bla.nothing interesting.ok move on.......

  • n the next day, which is saturday, went to port dickson pulak for a short-2-days of vacation.gerak lambat n balik mcm x vacation pon sbenarnye.n nothing interesting compared to zahid's vacation :s

  • n yesterday is my lovely sister's birthday.wished her super late, around 8.30pm.honestly, i totally forgot. n im like, shitto today is 3rd.fuckness!.i i straight away called her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH! thank you for paying all my shopping expenses during the CNY hols. fells like heaven.exaggerating ngeh ngeh ngeh


  • n oh yeah, for our bel presentation, we have to make some sort of commercial video for our company.since my group mates scattered through out this country during the hols, so i decided to shoot the video all by myself.n thanks to muzamir,anuar,yas,nadi n azreen for making this video looks real yo!.eventho it was a bad recording from me.special thanks to nadi n muzamir, for staying up late up till 1 am to teman me to do those shits =) here is the pause to my ipod list n list to this video's u go....

  • n im sorry to you for being cranky the other night.when u asked me "nak tnye ape hari tu?" n im like "ntah.da mls nak tnye". sorry.u may not notice it but i feel guilty :( i know u're gonna read this.tu poon klu awk on9 lah kan.leave ur comment plz =)

  • n to azhar, good luck with ur relationship. jgn la nak jaga hati sgt.habis tu hati kau sape nak jaga.n nnti straighten rambut lagi nak?harharhar

  • additional pictures.dear enemies, save our picture coz it last longer =)

i love u bitches

n now im here in jengka n today is 4th of Feb. i love this date. i-love-you =)


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