Friday, February 27, 2009


never thought i have lots of silent readers whose just eager to know more about the chaos.btw, thanks for reading.we know how to handle this rationally.

pictures everyone

its our night

the whole crew

the boys

war baby WAR


fara rasep said...

sy tak pernah fikir yang ada lagi manusia yang tidak bersivik ini.hish..zaman jahilliyah betul*penerapan akibat CTU td*hehe

seriously,gila bodoh kot.lempang je lain kali.

anyssa said...

ok je klu dierang elok2 suruh trus cakap BLAH.

u tag team ngan kterang k?

war baby!WAR

Anonymous said...

owh.. pelik2, but why did u guys sit at their seat at the first place? i think, maybe u shud think of your actions too, but of coure, they souldn't say that "blah" just straight away to you guys like that.. are you sure that they didn't ask you and your friend to got up politely at first?

and the action of slapping the girl, maybe its not the right thing to do. if you really not the one who's "bersalah" in this matters, maybe you shud just let them be instead of get physical. get matured my girl, you're a smart kid and i know you know better which is the right and and which is the wrong things to do.anyway, good luck in you war.


anyssa said...

fyi,there was no notification saying that those seats were reserved.thats da whole point y we sat there.we're not dat bitchy.

wut wud u do if someone's pouring water onto ur car?n u got wet?mayb u'll just sit in it without doing wasnt a REAL was spontaneous.a way to protect urself,i must say.

btw, thanks for reading =)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! is it really lyke that??
wow, nyssa, i agree with you! nobody cud just stand and watch someone doing that to anyone especially if that person is someone u know!

anyway, why does the biatch pour that water onto ur friend's car? is there anything that u do that make her do that damn thing?

fuck to the bitch!
war baby war!!

Anonymous said...

aku landuk...
aku sedang mencari mamat yg menampar perempuan itu...

Reason to be Me said...

I've done some investigation between u guys.. Wonder why at the first place u guys tease them and pretending nothing happened when the girls asked u guys politely to leave when ever the group comes in. She been responsible towards her friends,as you guys know all the bag and personal things is inside.she had to carry her duties and she do the right thing to protect their friend's belonging. After all, what happen if anything could be missing. Who going to be responsible? Surely she's the one who got the blame. Come on, you are mature enough to think. What you should do is respect these people, not tease them.I've asked all the witnesses and I received the same thing, that is you guys are the one who provoked them first. Sadly, this kind of thing should be handled professionally instead of simply talk rubbish here and there. Guy, u are a senior. Calm down, seriously.
Instead of pretend do not know anything and keep on teasing her, you guys get angry when the girls start yelling and scolding you. Why? Because she got scold by their group for letting anther people sit on their place where all their group's belonging is there. Surely when the group came in, she got scold. And instead of moving away, your group one of the girs (senior) used bad words which is very inappropriate and not nice to hear. And also mentioned all the lies here and there, threatening and try to "HIT" them when they on the way back. Trying to off your car light and try to hit them. What is that!! Surely all the girls got shocked when suddenly you on the light and stopped just behind them. One of the girls reported she was drinking water and she was shocked at that time, so she pour the water to your friend's car. Who wouldn't get angry if some one try to HIT them. This can be reported as attempt murder. It is dangerous case. Come on!! You guys should stop talk bad thing about them. A person who lied here and there are the one should be blamed. Admit what you did. Don't make it worse. As this is a serious matter. Tried TO HIT THEM?? THIS is TREATENING AND attempt murder case. Instead of talked bad about them, why don't you guys act like normal human being. We came here for what? To achieved something value and to make our parent proud of us!!so.. be aware this kes may be follow by a police report.


anyssa said...

Well unknown,first of all you claimed that you've done some 'investigation' on both sides yet i am not sure if you have ever come up to us and asked us our side of the story (this is because i dont know who you are). so please dont make any assumptions or accusations on matters you are not fully equipped with, this is the basic rule of any case, there's two sides to every story. and in this case, their side of the story totally contradicts our side. anyway right now, its none of your business, why don't you ease your mind of this burden and just study for the finals ;))

why don't you see about that? if you believe that you are trying to do the right thing, why dont you reveal yourself 'my dear unknown'. dont worry we're very civilized people. we wont try to 'kill' you or 'attack' you or 'hit' you or 'extort' you. plus, we don't need a murder trial on our hands since we have ambition and certain things we would like to achieve in life.we dont have the time to deal with a 'mess' like this.

btw, thanks for reading,my dear unknown.

Reason to be Me said...

Well my dear girl..i dun hve to c you, or be in any othr side.i do all this is for your own good,think before you say you think by telling all lies could make others.. feel more comfortable and get more support. its not me to be blame by telling you all this, but its you to think and aware of wat you gona go thru..Do you think trying to hit them is a small crime..damn is a serious case. And we are all senior..and educted people..handle it professionally. I can c you r the one who create story and tell lies here and there, but in their part,i dnt c any reaction or any lies from them.even for wat your group hve done to them..TRY TO HIT THEM BY CAR..ITS CONSIDER SERIOUS CASE.and yet give some nice slap to one of the girls.THINK....your group are the one who try to hit them and they just only pour water on your friends car, wat they should do is more then dat. hell girls, your group do something which is very wrong. and i can c dat you.. face it unprofessionally.Girl i did not go to them or to you to get all the i said this is thru my investigation.
May be you want it to be in balai wen you and yr group can explain dis and dat. opps.. jst to mentions..tell me did people simply say blah if you did not do anything wrong..only you and your group knows everything..dont worries to much..the truth will come..create anything you like.
and for yr info i wont say anything after this..perhaps you should understand I do all this is for your own good. and please behave like educated and take good care of your language.
Till then...-unknown-

fara rasep said...

i loveee uuu nyyysssaaaa!!!!!

*lantak depa*


anyssa said...


fara, u know i do.ngehngehngeh.susah gile nak jmpe u okay!