Tuesday, February 24, 2009

that one week updates

updates ppl.sorry for lacking updates.im waiting for dat "cepat update blog!" ;p

just gonna type a quick updates.

so pictures everyone.

friday : went to lubuk yu.*swim baby swim* me n rara were like swimming from 6-7pm along with kuyu like nobody's business. ended up, sakit celah kangkang kaki ku.hahahaha.

saturday : high achievers club's members went to kuala gandah for lawatan suai kenal.a good n successful organizers,i must say .)

pehhh man...PEHHH.hahaha.faradona!sy kantoi di situ.

proud organizers

sunday : yesterday was jannah's birthday.she's legal yo!*jealous* so just to make it as a public affair, i'd like to wish her "happy birthday, darling" n we had a slumber party.

hahaha.gimme that LOOK.

happy birthday bitch.hugsss and kissesss

tuesday : today is ah chong's birthday.well, celebrated it last night with everyone.n told him bout how he'd actually created a 'ciong maniac' during battle of the band last week.

happy birthday, ciong =))

i am like, sick! bohoo..demam here, nauseous there. and it really stinks! n the taste in the mouth is just, disturbing!!!dammit.

im bringing back that pehh man..PEHHH.hohoho

i know u're craving for my updates coz its just tempting.eat me or bite me.


fara rasep said...

i was like. "eh,tuh gambar dia.giler kantoi"

n tetiba terbaca caption "faradona!sy kantoi di situ"..jadi lagi lawak...

ngeng mu nih;))

fara rasep said...

n owh.kita sek2 pintu hijau.*sep2*

amik gmbr guna pintu jd background,cantik tuh..ngeh2.cuba try;))

anyssa said...

hahaha fara.our biggest secret eh.

mu la ngenggg ;p