Sunday, March 1, 2009

3 years ago

yday was fun yo...was the first time after uhh, a week maybe that i had soo much fun that i almost cried ;p

hahaha exaggerating pulak.

woke up around semangat membara sampai begegar jantung nak pegi bfast at the cafe. then later found out that bfast semua da habis n we had brunch instead.

siti n rara went to Temerloh.Nan was busy with his job as tokan rokok n sibuk nak pegi pasar malam.gasak kau laa.

while me, Icang n Jannah went to Jerantut. ahh, it was like back in part 1, 3 years ago when all 3 of us busy updating each other and had a "heart to heart" talk. and having crunchie choc, apple juice and Irwansyah's pencinta wanita as the background i miss those days :(

today is my sayangs, kembar's another 3-years-friends. i miss the kuliah maghrib and kuliah sebelum tidur when we were roommates. u guys will always be my sayangs like forever.thank you sebab jaga maklum la...hahaha*spiritfingers

happy birthday sayang.i love you.

loves loves


fara rasep said...

eh eh.kembar......

anyssa said...

iye iye kembar.pkai pon baju sama ;)

anyssa said...
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