Saturday, March 28, 2009

brain freeze

some photos to conclude what i've been up to :)

from jom ke ladang event to johor trip.

jom ke ladang : the whole crew.ladang is soooo ladang dat we felt like it was some sort of national geographic's documentary.ladang is sooo ladang dat we had to avoid branches and leaves along the was fun.

johor coastal trip :

Travel tip no 1.....find urself a MAP.chong is a good map reader eventho we lost most of the time.ngehehe.we had a hard time to find any available hotel room coz it was school holiday+ weekend.stucked for almost 2 damn hours.

look at nan.hahaha besungguh.

singapore near yet sooo FAR.

yea, i know.this pic is a total of pehhh man ...PEHH.


we've been to the heaven-est place and the nastiest place on earth,yet still we managed to kick our ass off.

so, i decided to take over chong's position as a map reader.

the whole highs and lows.

hahaha.the funniest part was.....hahaha

"tempat letak kereta bertutup pertama di Malaysia yang dilengkapi kemudahan escalator".as they said.

serious shit yo!

taqim's bunbun with the excited chong as they went out of the car escalator.

last but not our pic coz it lasts longer, "my dear".hahaha.stupid.
my right and left wings.

p/s : view more pics in my friendster acc.
missing someone badly :(


fara rasep said...

oke.comment time.

sy jeles oke!!!

bamboo tuh sgt b.e.a.utifuuuullll!!!

and so the park.benci tau..

jeles nih.jeles.

anyssa said...

hahaha awk ni mak cik la.yea i heard ur filled-wit-jealousy screams =D