Tuesday, March 31, 2009

quick updates

chong told jannah that he dreamt about johor few days ago which i think it's so cute.hahaha chong cute?mmg tak la kan.just dat dreaming part.

yea,will b going to f1 dis coming weekend.cang ckp nak ikut.i dun need a grandstand seat because i've found the most strategic place which is c2. cang cakap nak ikut.n tengah pujuk nan skali.



notfamous said...

herm..afta readin all ur post..i heard bout u frm sumone..mayb..dis one guy..not really my fren..askin me bout jengka..well im in d same place wit u..den he ask me bout ladang watsoever..herm..berminat ker..x..he told me awek die kene rampas ngan ladang is it u? jst wondering..hahaha..dats al..sorry! n dis guy study kt mimet perak kot..ntah..

anyssa said...

hahaha seems like u're another girl who loves gossips =D

unfortunately,no.too bad for ur friend -.-"

zahed` said...

nysa o nysa!
apehal gamba2 yg diambil smueny lawa2? ade upah private cameraman ke time korg g johor?

anyssa said...

eh pegi singapore la!!ape la za8 ni.hahaha.mane ade private cmeraman.the skill of using self-timer mode yo!

za8 oo za8!

baca gossip di atas.jauh nama nisa bejalan.da pusing 1 malaysia dah agaknye.

notfamous said...

actually im not a girl drling! hahaha..gossip boy it is!

anyssa said...

u're my another silent reader then.my name is expanding its territory to perak pulak.

zahed` said...

owh..seriously, noticed ur pics to singapore nih, mmg lawo2. im not ass-kissing eh. haha. sincero cumplido.

stalkers easy come n easy go.