Tuesday, March 17, 2009

grrr good mood again =D

hello.another im-in-a-good-mood day.

analytical chemistry's test was...easy man..EASY.ngahaha.another lucky day for "a" anyssa.

za8 "advised" to skip ETR class but..i dunno whether this is something to show off or this is embarassing coz it's totally not cool but...another but...i pernah ponteng class in less than 5 times during this whole 3 shit years in jengka.yea i knw, its pehh man...PEHH.this is simply because i had a nightmare with ponteng class sebab asik kantoi everytime ponteng class.

1.last week da ponteng ETR.all this while, ade je org lain yg sign kan utk kterang*ehembiaselaorgpopularkan* but bile ponteng je class last week, xde org plak sign kan utk kterang so we got a 0 at the attendence list.smart ass.

2.during part 1.first attemp nak ponteng class CTU.slalunye xde pon ustazah tu kesah pasal attendence, tapi hari yg kterang ponteng tu la usatzah nak bagi 5 bonus marks for those yg datang class hari tu.so another smart ass.

3.last sem, ponteng class bio 300.konon2 nak siapkan assignment.on my wat to the next class, bumped with Pn sarina yg baru je kuar clas bio tu.kantoi begitu sahaja.another smart ass.

but i just loveee dentist appoinment.eventho it's only once in a month.boleh illegaly ponteng class for the whole day.hehehe.

i have no idea what to type but yeah...good mood kan.

ok bye.bel presentation tomorrow.

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