Tuesday, March 17, 2009

good mood

you must be wondering y im in such a good mood to write.rite?hahaha.been a while.

i scored my inorganic quiz yo!hahaha.happy enuf.so...analytical chemistry test tomorrow.ngahaha.blom study lagi.plan to study during ETR mass class tomorrow.thinking of skipping that class, worse!

have you ever bought a pair of jeans whereby when the first time u tried it on, the piece nicely fitted on you. it made u feel "oh this is what i've been looking for man" or "im sooo gonna buy this jeans" n bought it eventho its pricy. but after several times wearing it, it turned out to be so f-ing loose, stretched n u feel like u're wearing a mom's jeans?eventho it is a branded stuff and so called good quality.bollocks man...BOLLOCKS.im not blaming my skinny bird legs in this case tho ;p

wit our beloved prof tahir.rambut da panjang.so kene ikat.since we have inorganic chemistry lab on friday, we are allowed to wear jeans instead of baju kurung! bohohoho

we're planning on a short trip to Johor Bharu this weekend.cang and the rest of EC students are going to have a talk/seminar on site visit on saturday.sumting like that.so we'll be leaving after the seminar ends which is around 3pm.so it is going to be a super short trip.im excited!

class starts at 9 am tomorow


zahed` said...

takyah g je kelas etr tu. mcm x bese soh org laen signkn..za8 sem lepas pn cam 3-4 kali je pegi mass lecture die. hehe.

anyssa said...

i dunno whether this is sumting to be proud of or this is embarrassing coz its not cool tapi nisa pernah ponteng clas less than 5 times spanjang 6 sem kat jengka ni -.-"