Sunday, January 24, 2010

events and sugar

the grand opening of old blossom box store was held yesterday and my blood sister, nadeera was invited to the event and being a busybody and please-belanja-me sister, i tagged along. it was fun,cute and simple event and we came home with few plastic bags in hand, of course. hehehehe. nadi used to ordered few bags from her online shopping blog but it's easier now with her new store in shah alam. in fact, i just came back from her store with another bag for yas's girlfriend.

before: with one of the bags bought from old blossom box

i'm gonna get you, bag

during the event

sheila oiam - the runaway show

check out her store

i will be in cheras's house only during weekends. so i do not really bother on what is going on there. as usual, i went back yesterday and something surprised me as i entered the house. nadi bought a new pet for our family and it is named sugar.

it is hadgehog. okay i'm not exaggerating but i swear it is super cute and adorable. cici and momo would definitely have a hard time to win our heart back because everyone cant take their eyes off sugar waiting it to 'uncoiled' itself and make a move.

spike-y sugar

welcome to the family of love

the big fat garfield-like mr.kun

i'm back as a student tomorrow. classes as usual. till then,love.

let's build our house


Anonymous said...

sumpah kau besar nak mampus kuning!


anyssa said...


i love you!