Wednesday, January 20, 2010


last weekend, we had a trip to perak. kuala kangsar, taiping and bukit larut(known as maxwell hill too) to be exact. it wasnt an enjoyable and outgoing trip for me as i was having running nose+cough+chest pain and other pain that you can imagine when you are having those discomfort. all i did was sleep sleep and sleep in the hotel. such a bad and unproductive trip for me.

kuala kangsar is such a nice place. known as the royal town, it offers tourist with beautiful and peaceful scenery along your way to the palace which is the main tourist spot.

bukit larut is a place for anyone who wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. no distraction at all. but it might be a boring place to those who rely much on cars to move from one place to another because this machine is strictly not allowed. you have to park on the 'kaki bukit' and a land rover is provided for you by the management to bring you up there. and they will pick you up whenever you are leaving. i think this is a good idea because hail the road to the top is so scary like no one can ever imagine. the hill is so steep and small that it can fit one land rover at a time. overall, this is the place where you can sleep 24hours. it works for me :)

there are some people who loves to try on the local food. while others might check out the nearest shopping complex, but for me, i love buildings. especially the old ones though i cannot really appreciate the architecture like the experts. i can say that kuala kangsar is similar to penang and malacca in terms of their buildings.cantik!

this never ending cough is such a turn off :(
you got me


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