Friday, January 1, 2010

the spirit

good bye 2009
welcome 2010 :)

2009 has been such a great great great year for me. many wonderful things happened from the very first day up till the very last day. cant recall every single thing and keep some of it deep in my heart but on top of everything, i'm beyond happy and thankful.

and the very last good news i received before 2009 ended was, i passed my first semester as a dentistry student :) alhamdulillah. i still remember how devastated i was after my first paper for basic medical science module. i called chong and cried on his shoulder like nobody's business as i entered his car because seriously, i cant answer most of the questions. and i was scared like no one can imagine when they said we can check our result at the office and went out with a big big big smile on my face.

and i spent my new year's eve on bed. sleeping when the sky was showered with fireworks. ngahaha. the mood wasnt there as i have class up till the very last day of the year. how pethatic is that? never in my life that i had to go through this situation. sejak sekolah lagi mesti cuti towards the end of the year kan. and my body was tired. oh not tired, more than that. fatigue i can say. i just want to sleep all night long but was awaken by to popping sound of fireworks for like 10mins just outside of my room's window as the curve and one utama is just right infront of my house in ttdi. opened up my eyes, looked into the sky and the first word that came up from my mouth was 'thank you for everything 2009. im gonna miss you' and smiled :)

i shall update my blog more often. lets keep the spirit of 2010 alive. yeah baby yeah.

anyssa signing out for 2009

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Anonymous said...

i love reading ur blog. it motivated me though.. all the best =)