Sunday, January 3, 2010

when it starts..

tomorrow(monday) is the official day for uitm students where they are going to start their first semester for 2010. okay exclude medicine and dentistry students. i'd the happiest person on this galaxy. i fell like i want to stand in front of the main gate, welcoming my friends and shout 'welcome guys'. hehehe. i know you hate this because ur holidays are over but i went through hell for the past 2 months. so i tak rasa kesian sikit pun kat korang. *evil laugh*

little sister, mimin is going to start her first day of secondary school tomorrow. as well as other primary and secondary students. schools are re-open tomorrow and i can imagine how congested the traffic would be. i'm being a lazy pig, decided to sleep at cheras instead of driving back to ttdi have to leave early in the morning to avoid any traffic jam.

i realized that i'm a bigger and wiser person each day. i see things differently nowadays, in a more positive way obviously. i have beautiful friends around me and they are my comforter too.

wayfarer, i miss you

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