Thursday, January 7, 2010

posto posto

morning world. rise and shine.


i think i am becoming a good stalker nowdays. or better? i heard from some of my classmates, the asasian girls that medicine students' result will be out today. few names popped in my head. when they said the result has already out, i went to the notice board as quick as possible and look for their name and matric num just to check their result. heee. and one of the is farah sofia and man, im suprised with what i saw though i had a hard time to look for her name because it was so up high. i bet you had you beautiful sweet-dreams last night darling. i hope you dont mind to have a stalker like me :)


my class starts at 2pm today. and progress test on hemopoietic & lymphoid system tomorow. pretty girl, please study.

p/s: cik fara, awak ada cerita apa untuk saya? dah tak sabar dah ni ;)
cik fara sent me an mms with a picture of her infront of new library named al-farabi. she'll upload the picture in her next post soon. memandai je aku. sigh i miss those days when i was in jengka. i guess jengka misses me and whitey too -.-

no more..
or boring la. jom kuala gandah?
or lapar. jom makan kfc dekat jerantut? temerloh pun boleh. ada watson.
or dah lama tak makan mcd. sejam pun sejam lah. jom mentakab?
or pegi genting nak? ke kuantan? sama je jauh.
or free tak weekend ni. pegi jauh sikit nak? johor ke?
or saya x pernah pergi kota gelangi tu. kite pergi nak lepas habis paper biology saya? lepas tu malam study lah.
or panas lah hari ni. jom bbq dekat lubuk yu.

all i know is, go to one place after another place -.-"

one after another


fara rasep said...

hahhaha.kamu ini sangat comel. cerita yg saya nak bgtau? yg u baca kat december post ke? hehhe.sila tekan the red "thing" on kettle:cerek post.

kita boleh sep2 harta kita sekarang.*if korang tak tukar laa*.and will post bout al-farabi bila i ada masa. and takyah jauh2 oke nak gi kfc. jengka dah ada kfc!;)

anyssa said...

oh i dah baca! eh cepat upload ye gambar tu. al-farabi lah tapi kan. xpe i dah hantar proposal kat prof hilmi suruh tukar jadi al-faradona.

Sofia said...

i dont mind having pretty stalkers =) and thank u nisa. i couldnt believe my balls when i saw my result. had to ask my fren to recheck for me.ahah...thank u babe!

Sofia said...

oh and fara, saw ur post...ure so in the club now!! so coolllll!!~ high 5 bebeh!

fara rasep said...


Sofia said...

wait did i just say balls? AHAHA..i meant EYEBALLS. not balls.ahhahahahaha

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