Wednesday, August 18, 2010

new module

Dental operative & technology module started last Monday. Hello hair-bun, covered flat pumps 8-5pm straight in the clinic. Goodbye heels and break in between classes.

Basically, each students are given few projects to do. This time we're dealing with the REAL equipments and technology. Except that real human patient is replaced with dummy. My jaw almost dropped when Prof said, each set of table is worth of RM64k.

We are so busy concentrating on our projects that all we say to each other are 'dah siap?' 'ni nak pakai bur apa?' 'tolong nisa letak plaster of paris boleh?' or in worse case, 'lapar gila okay!' hahaha.

I didn't even bother to check my phone! That's weird, at least for me.

Now i get it when they said, only doctors marry doctors. Lets change it, shall we? Kan zahid kan? hahahaha.

Btw, Happy Ramadhan to all muslims.


kudapolo said...

susun gigi elok2 lah dr n! 60 ribu gile mahalny..boleh beli kete kot..gigi pny psl..patotlah treatment gigi mahal..

there's always first time.

anyssa said...

you'll be surprised if I mention each and every machines' prices. gila mahal!terus jadi jakun gila.

ehem ehem ehem :D