Friday, August 6, 2010


I've never worked in my entire life before. I don't know how it feels to work and the satisfaction once you start to earn your own money. People says, you're more greedy with your own money unlike those endless shopping using you parents' or aunty's. Didn't know how far its true until we(me and nadi) started our own blood sisters' business named Project Love.

Initially, it was a more like 'lets have fun ' kinda business but now we realized that this is a serious matter, you know offering nice outfits with the best quality the suits everyone,ladies obviously isn't an easy task.

This is what I called passion. No don't worry, people. Dentistry will forever be my main passion. Money comes after that. Or the other way round? -.-"

I'm enjoying the student life as much as possible. The real world of dentistry comes in the third year onwards where I'll be having pack clinical years from 8am-5pm with patients, hospital trip twice a week and on calls as well. So siapa nak jadi patient I buat scaling, filling and tooth extraction, nanti contact I next year k :)

dont worry. nanti clinical years i sanggul rambut i. hehehe

my hairdo when the bad hair day attacks

we're dead during lectures and awaken when it's over. sigh

Happy weekend, world.
Good night beautiful dream.

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y.a.n.a said...

sometimes, when your days tortured you, you feel like cutting your hair..haha...

yours is longer than mine tp i rs cm rambut i pjg sgt yg nk buat i potong je..