Thursday, August 19, 2010

save your hair

Last month, I went to salon for hair treatment. Usually I went for hair treatment once in a month but due to time constraint, I skipped few months. I was freaking out when my hair started to fall badly since the month of World Cup. Blame those 2.30am matches.

All this while, we've came up with so many theories about hair fall problem. The most common would definitely because of eating instant noodles like Maggie. And the worst is you probably have Leukemia. Okay that's scary, isn't it?

While waiting for my turn, I complained to the hairdresser about my hair fall problem. And he said, all those theories are bullshits. According to him, there are only 2 factors that cause the problem which are probably because of lack of sleep or your hair is too long.

Based on those two causes, I made my own theory. I dont think my hair is too long that my scalp can't hold it in place anymore. So I'm left with 'lack of sleep' theory. And the solution is... I need more hours of sleeping in a day.

Haih. Just like babies. hehehe.

Good night world. Get more sleep and save your hair!


y.a.n.a said...

hi babe...
good to see u the other day..
hey, luckily my fren beli baju tu..kalau tak i cekik2 dia.hehe..

ckp pasal rambut ni, i selalu menyiksa rambut i..i da serik..
but your hair look healthy..
ikhlas ni..:P


anyssa said...

selamat hari raya!