Sunday, August 15, 2010

hello world
p/s:this post is written for cik fara dona and (future) dr. fara sofia. and whoever is using nokia Xpress music touch sreen models(i forgot my phone's model.heh). now u can go online 24/7 for free! i kid not.

thanks to opera mini app! here are the steps.

. google for 'opera mini downloader' and download the app.*you need wifi for this step.
. save the downloaded app in 'phone memory'.
. dial *100# and choose #7 for 'internet'. then #3 for 'switching plan' and you go for 'prepaid broadband' instead of prepaid hotlink that you're currently using.
. you can now start using opera mini for free that will be automtically saved at 'application'.
. by using prepaid broadband plan,you cant receive/send mms. in order for you to use that service, switch back your plan to prepaid hotlink.

have fun darlings!


Sofia said...

alamak! i baru baca..thanx for the info nisa! weeeeeeeeeee :D

fara rasep said...

hahahha.i lambat 2 hari dari farah sofia. adoi.ini sungguh cool okey!!! thx cik nisa =)))