Friday, January 16, 2009


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getting closer...

i know the difference between boyfriend, close friends, ordinary friends, lepak friends or even a friend-for-benefit friends.u dun have to tell me what to do n what not.

i think i have this some 'kindness' DNA in my body.letting someone to use my stuff easily even without my permission is soooo ME.but sumhow, i'm getting annoyed day by day.i bukan beli barang utk org pakai or pinjam.skali skali boleh la.tapi klu da tiap2 hari nak pinjam, then think bout it again before i shout straight to ur ears.

rephrasing "NO seems to be the hardest word"

im going home tomorow but i hv to send my dear whitey for service first.sumwhere in jerantut.30 mins away from jengka.then baru balik.i want more suprises!

x boleh nak sign in ym.i dun know y.just fyi, sy try on9 tapi x dapat.

-signing out-

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