Sunday, January 4, 2009


3 entries in one day on 3rd january..

stated before that i dont believe in new year resolution.but im thinking of something that can be categorized as a new year resolution.heh.i want(have) to save more money!as many as possible a big other words, i spend a loot.

my so-called resolution is to keep rm500++ of my allowance by the end of this semester.most of my money goes to good food.i eat a lot n at many places i have to eat roti canai dat costs 80sen rather that nasi goreng for rm3.or sirap ais at rm1 rather than rm2.50 of apple juice?or spend 10 ringgit at mcd or kfc and forget bout my 20++ ringgit carls jr's meal?haih.i dunno how to manage my money.but seriously,i need to save some.

but i just bought a very nice leather belt for rm135 at top shop.jimat ke tu?


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