Monday, January 26, 2009

U for updates

just realized that i did not update my blog for last week.hee sorry for being too pemalas.the safest answer would be "im too busy, thus i have no time to update".

let see...

  • shaz told us(me n my bitches) that Pn. Sarina (our bio 310 last sem) picked our thesis on cigarettes as the best thesis ever done by her student and showed it to all students part 4 this sem.heeee.n we were like 'rasenye thesis on blood lagi bgus, tapi xpe lah klu puan lagi suke yg cigarettes'.

  • we gave all of our last sem's lec a delicious chocolate cake as appreciation to them on our goooood results last sem.we did that for almost every sem tho.


preparing the slide

  • on the same day,jannah's purse went lost when we were in biology lab.the most annoying part was, when ppl aksed "lah, nape x bawak purse tu masuk dalam lab" n we answered "jannah saje-saje je tinggal kat luar.saje nak bagi org curi" n she made a police report.actually, it was 'we' made a police report coz almost 10 of us teman jannah to the police station.hahahaha

in the police station


  • no updates on tuesday but i guess someone is mad ad me because im getting closer with her ex(as a friend.duhhh) ...let's move on darling.n we took a lot of pic on tuesday.

jannah is already in her serabai still trying to concentrate ;p

daddy hazwan, married with 2 kids.

bumped with icang n the rest after entrepeneurship clas


  • no clas on wednesday.went to maran wit nan n his friendssssss for muet rgisteration.


  • no clas on thursday as well!*heaven* n we went to healing gamat factory at shah alam for our entrepeneurship subject.n went back to jengka on the same day for class on the next day.

j's simba (yea, im wering my matric card)

thank god it's friday...

  • as soon as i reached kl, i went straight to istana budaya to purchase ticket for puteri gunung ledang theater.but...all tics were sold out except tics for golden seats n silver seats which are remarkably pricy lah kan.
  • tgif, im home =)))

rambut, cepat lah panjang .)

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