Thursday, January 8, 2009

i feel...

time : 9.30pm
location : in my room.alone.

im sorry if my next and next and next post will be a boring post.blame the life im having n jengka right now.besides wit my boyfriends and is going to be the whole same routine happening over and over again untill the semester ends.

talking about classes and lectures.yeah i lovoeeee prof tahir's clas eventhough inorganic chm is kinda boring subject compared to organic chm.same goes to biology.i love attending prof supi's clas.just sit back n listen.ngeheee.but problems just love us.shit happens.

we thought this sem is going to be tough for entrepreneurshipp subject but i guess we're least for now.but it's our bel(english) subject.not the subject itself but the lec.damn i hate,jannah,rara n sit were in one group in d first place.ok that normal n standard lah kan.but then....die pecahkan kterang!!!coz she said we're lyke dolls that can be separated n can survive n die cerewet soo gonna kill u.or pancitkan ur tayar kereta.

n farah sofia said it's hard for her to give an a nor a-.another wtf? ohihateyoupuan

rara called her mom(her mom is a lec in uitm shah alam as well as her dad) n she cried heavily.we almost cried but we're stronger than her.teheee sorry ra*peace*

shoutout to some peeps:

my bitches : dont let dat phsyco get into us.we're bitch-ier then her.believe me.

icang : bile nak lepak ni?asik main bola je.

nadi : wei mane ipod nano aku!urghhh lembab.n suruh aunty na tempah kan tiket pegi bangkok/jakarta untuk 4 org ye.aku,rara,jannah n siti.kau nak ikut skali pon boleh.tadi dah tgk air asia n murah tapi mmg xde duit la nak beli kan.

yas : pegi season kan kasut yg kte beli kat downtown hari tu. (i doubt he's gonna read my blog )

zahid : mane zahid ni?x jmpe pon.nak lepak

should i make one shoutout to you-know-who-you-are?i dunt think so coz u're used to it.too much to say.i hate u n i miss you.

p/s : listen to me blog's playlist listening loved you tonight rite now.

loves loves our wild animals =))


zahed` said...

hah. pelek, mmg jarang jmpe. ke tak penah agi jmpe kat jinka ni?

Nur Farah Sofia Rahim said...

oh nyssa, dun worry abt tengku intan..u might not know ur luck kan? that was what i heard from the rest, never had her as my lecturer before.

u'l do fine =)

anyssa said...

zahid : ade skali lepak kat mat sappak but dat was 3 weeks ago.tapi dlm campus blum lagi.

farah sofia : i knoe it's bad to talk bad things bout our lecs but we just cat stop talking bout her ;p

n latest syllabus, 100% marks on finals.*shito*