Monday, January 12, 2009

we dance together

time : 4.43 pm
alone.again.rara is sumwhere.

good afternoon world *im smiling*

nothing much to say.just for the sake of life revolves the same story line everyday.

- if u wanna eat or take other people's, make sure u bought some.jgn la tau ambik n makan je tapi x tau beli.pastu buat's just the same with if u wanna have a rich boyfriend, make sure u're rich enough.

-i dont approve strangers.or someone who's using some kind of unrecognizable nickname. so kindly use ur real name to make it easy for me to approve there this one guy yg x give up nak add i as his friend.rejected.rejected.rejected n last2 blocked trus.then, he called me to approve him.laahhh......kau rupenye! kan susah org nak kenal.bodo.

-i need my broadband a.s.ap. so that i can on9 24/7 even if im in jengka.for d time being i keep on borrowing rara's.yes, there are hotspots in this campus that offer wi'fi but im just too lazy to move.i'd rather stay in my pink self-painted room wit my bitches.heh.its all about laziness.

-jason mraz is coming this march yo!nak pegi.nak pegi.nak pegi.

-waited for my mr busy to on9.but....

say no to war.dont caught urself in fight.make more love.

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