Saturday, January 3, 2009

goodbye 2008...hello 2009

abundance of apologies for my absence

just reached home 15 minutes ago, n i decided to blog 0_o

n i know dat someone is waiting for my newly post *whoot whoot*

going home wasnt in my nerdy head in d first place.told everyone dat im going back on chinese new year holiday but i just cant i decided to go home! n everyone gave me that sarcastic look as i entered dis house.hah watever lah kan.n after 2 semesters, i went home by bus.muahaha.da lama gile x naik bus yo!lyke seriously.but rm15.40 is quite pricy for me personally compared to rm 11.90 before.kan harga minyak dah murah.the lowest ever.ape masalh nak naik harga lagi.return ticket is rm 30.80.mahal oo.baik drive.boleh kutip duit from sape yg nak tumpang ;p

everyting has an ending but every ending has a new beginning =)

happy new year beautiful

celebrated it with nan,sit,fifi,zahid,imran n pok ek.celebrating wit to-be-specific-jengka-friends was a lot of fun.we enjoyed every single moment we could because it might be da first n last time we celebrating it together.n so,we went to was freaking,wit my fever+cough+flu n im wearing ass rite?after d celebration, zahid, pok ek n imran went straight to their rumah sewa in jengka while me,siti,nan n fifi wanted to stay up lah konon but we neded up sleeping lyke a pig in my biological clock did not work dat night.stupid.

so pictures everyone =))

new year resolution?nah i dun believe in that.i believe in god~

waving my goodbye to wonderful 2008 n saying hello to 2009

2009, save our wild animals.they need attention too,ppl

gimme ur biggest smile readers =)))
make more loves


zahed` said...

oit, happy new year!! had a great time in genting. sbnrny, ktorg pn, lepak dulu kat first world, kol 4 baru turon. ye ar. kete po'ek manual, gile letih ny kaki nak main clutch, minyak, brek. dh la lenguh lepak2 bejalan. haha.
kol 4 turon, pastu dsbbkn godaan mata yg tak tertahan, kitorg tdo kat RNR genting sempah smpi kol 9am. korg g balek jinka kol brape?

p/s: o_O the song. very soothing, tp x taw plak u like classics.

anyssa said...

happy new year!!kterang turun 6am then trus balik jengka.sakit gile badan tido dlm kereta.i was d only one yg drive.yg lain tido mcm babi.geram aku.i listen to anyting 0_o