Monday, August 17, 2009

clumsy b****

i'm cursing myself for being such a clumsy bitch. this is not the same as losing your ic for 4 times or even misplaced your phone. i TER format those bloody and insane pictures of MTV worldstage concert. gaaahhhh. fuckness man. i feel so guilty n obviosly they're f-ing mad at me. but they said they still love me tho ;)

will talk bout it later. oh if i had ever mentioned, "it was the best weekend ever" before, ignore that statement and take this latest statement "last weekend was the BEST weekend in my entire life. best ever man.. EVER.

now i'm back in the mood of bloging again.

gonna talk bout it later. friday, saturday n sunday. all in one. but without picture :(

i do

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