Thursday, August 20, 2009


i'm home early today. it's a good feeling knowing that i can at last relax n watch tv rather studying n sleeping. i rarely turn on the tv cause i'll fall asleep no matter how good is the show. think again if u wanna ask me out for a movie. 15 mins are more than enough to find me sleeping at corner of the seat. ramadhan is just around the corner. selamat berpuasa darlings.

if u're bad, i'm worse. no worries there. i wanna look bad so that u'll see the beauty of me at the end of the day. it's better this way. not by looking demure n sweet but at the end, i'm some kind of evil to you.

uh at last i meet j. couldnt meet her during mtv worldstage coz i went in super late. n she's busy this whole week with tests n quizes. met her n updated ourselves with latest hot n cold stories.

i hate this feeling. kenapa ni...weekend is coming. its been a week.

meeting place


kudapolo said...

gud to see u look alive and healthy today.

lot better than the last time i saw you at jusco before..


anyssa said...

hahaha. movie is a big no no for me. so muka terpaksa tu mmg x boleh dielak kan. g.i joe is a good movie tho.

time re-done tu muka excited nak balik rumah awal.

gotta catch things up wit u sum other time