Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i had a blast weekend n things are getting better now. hopefully. places to places.

MTV worldstage concert was massively crazy but we only have the chance to join the crowd during kasabian, which was the last band of the night. cg n payet were there earlier n they managed to watch all bands except estranged. no regrets coz i was at another place which was better than this one :)

cant recall when was the last time i jumped n danced like nobody's business. in fact, i can feel the dripping sweat all over my body from top to toe n my dress was wet!

it was supposed to be a gathering with everyone, but didnt get the chance meet them since we went in at the very end of the event. couldnt reach cang n payet, j n suf were sumwhere else, nadi was at the other corner, yas n his friend was sumwhere else, atielia n her bf lagi la x tau kat mane. couldnt find chong n piju either. basically, everyone was scattered around the area.

n yes, i TER format all pictures.

can i ask for the same weekend for every upcoming weekend? please *fingerscrossed*

they said, i acted differently
but i did not agree
now, it's a definitely maybe


Anonymous said...

weh babe!
kau pegi ea?
daym!! tajumpa!

but mtv world stage mmg
superb gila. SUMPAH!
dok menari mcm orang gilaa
kalau ada yg kena h1n1 kat
situ mlm tu sumpah kita semua
kena. hahhaha

anyssa said...

kan aku da ckp aku pegi tp super lambat. time kasabian. dah la coverage mcm sial plus hp aku xde battery. disaster gile mlm tu.

sorry syg. hahaha

KUcang said...

ko tk patut format memory card tu.
aku sedih benanyo.

anyssa said...

sorry :(