Monday, August 31, 2009

merdeka post

i know that i've been busy for the past 2 weeks and this week is the best week to patch things up with my family before i hit the study table for basic medical science module's progress test. in fact yas was with us during our so-called merdeka celebration(went out at 2am).

my miserable life starts tomorrow but i know things aren't going to be as hard as i think cause i have them to at least bring me out for bbuka and whenever i need a car. in a positive way, it would make me sit and spend more time on books since progress test is just less than 2 weeks than going out n spend my money away.

education is important. yes, i clearly know that. 5 years to go and sangat lah lama. told cg that i need another vacation and penang is next in our plan. i fall in love with the buildings. but i dont have long break untill next year and i need to save money on my own since i refused to take the scholarship offered -.- my weekly allowance is more than enough tho.

happy merdeka day
i'm a proud malaysian


aiXat.MR said...

go for dive..!!

anyssa said...

remains forever in my vacation list