Saturday, August 1, 2009

time moves fast

43 days since the first time i experienced something amazing and addictive
43 days since i left my heart n memories here
exactly 30 days since i left this and this
i miss this place
i miss the people :(

if anyone asks me, 'have u ever searched you own name?' my answer is yes man, YES! after all, it isn't that hard to stalk me. cik fara, bile type nama i, ur blog's address pon kuar skali. so it isn't that hard to stalk you too ;0

welcome fasting august


kudapolo said...

ur addiction gets urself delighted with the beauty of nowhere.

ur addiction inspires me sumhow.


fara rasep said...

itu lah pasalnya.cuba google image pulak.hehehe.sgt lawak;))

anyssa said...

z : couldn't agree more :) im sure u're going to have posts on this too.

cik fara : ade gambar yg u edit kan tu!!!! eheeee