Saturday, August 29, 2009


i'm watching mtv worldstage concert on mtv rite now. raygun's performance. ahhh how i wish :( if there's one person to be remembered for this event, that person's figure and memories are clear in my rocking mind.

let's talk bout those series of unfortunate events i've been up to last week.

wednesday : not to blame anyone but someone will gt the clue of what i'm about to say. mind you that i hate last minute plan or changes. class ended at 5 pm on that day n road congestion almost caused me to berbuka in the car man.

thursday : the worst ever. caught myself in a car accident and left me with no car for more than 3 weeks starting next week. i can imagine how miserable my life would be without whitey. icang's gonna be my victim next week onwards. he's my driver and my lighter. as u said, u're damn good. i love you. hahahha

friday : i'm a certified clumsy bitch. dunno how this happens but yes, it happened, not gonna eleborate more on the clumsiness side of me but simply said, i left one side of my flops at the kepong police station. and went to look for it after berbuka.

i found this on my dekstop. take note that i'm 4 years youger than them. u judge the pic. heee

my hair is growing each day. duhh..

kasabian is rocking the stage yo! later. xoxo


kudapolo said...

tough week it is.

tgc of urself!


anyssa said...

xde kreta :(

u tgc too