Saturday, June 20, 2009

perhentian island

3 days since i got back from kelantan n perhentian. sorry for late updates. i've been sleeping like a pig. seriously. my day starts at 2pm n ends at 4am nowdays. n 2 hours of nap in the afternoon. need to re-set my biological clock back to normal.

1st day

arrived in kelantan arnd 6 pm. icang n payet picked us up n we stayed at ridel hotel for 2 nights. basically our first n second day were filled with lepak n jalan2. met salman n baby sky too. maleebu hannah montana is the best place to lepak along with a free show from surfyeat.hhaha

click on any to enlarge

8++ hours in bus was tiring man. i was soo tired that i fell asleep in the car almost all the time. gotta get use to it.


2nd day

im bad in remembering names of places. sorry.

wanted to meet kembar but they were already on their way to kl. org kl dtg kelantan, org kelantan pegi kl pulak. its ok. there's always next time.

n we met jiji n nik at pengkalan chepa. armada if im not mistaken.

sleeping buddha


pantai seri tujuh


3rd day

woke up as early as 4.30am. rushed to kuala besut jetty for 7.30am boat. da la sume x mandi except for me n janah. obviously ;p

the mabuk laut scene was the funniest part when we were on the boat. shall upload the video later later. cant stop laughing to surfyeat jokes. sumpah kelakar smpai keluar air mata.

payet n alias juara. on the boat

1st confined water dive.
the exhilarating breathing underwater for the first time is the moment that i'll never forget.

the surfer. the cheerleaders. the hardcore kayak-ers

since im taking the license, i have to put on my rash guard n wet suit all the time.
no time for swimming
no time for kayak-ing
too little time to spend with them :(


4th day

cang had to go home coz his uncle passed away but he came back in the afternoon. so while me n yas went to our 2nd confined water dive, payet, taqim n j went for a back to back kayak session. u shud see janah's new 'skin'. burnt man... BURNT! hahaha.

welli thought that we're gonna stay there for 4 days. he was shocked when i said that we're staying for 3 days only. so he had to reschedule the dive trips. 3 dives in one day make me high. i was damn tired that cang had to drag me to nearby restaurant for dinner n janah had to make few important phne calls for me. sounds exaggerating heh but it's true!

she's smiling :)

angles n devils of perhentian. pulau dop?

self-timer nak?

janah, cang, taqim n payet went to this 'windmill' station. the view from top was breathtaking. wanted to tag along but i have to pass the chance due to hectic schedule.

is your skin tanned as ours?


4th day

real dive time!


double :)

triple :)

the tank was soo heavy that i have to use all my energy to carry it to the shore. i cant even lock the bcd(jacket) to the tank n i have to use my hand n knees together to attach it. grrr. kuat nisa kuat.

left: ilyas
right : anyssa
depth : 17 m

exam. cang 'helped' me out on one question ;p

divers :))
ermm payet mcm cuba nak membuktikan sesuatu di situ

will be back SOON

on our way back to kb

slept at wani's(cang's gf) house n went out to celebrate cang's birtday. n yday was wani's birthday. so happy belated birthday darling :)

everyone. sayang semua


u make me good when i hurt so bad

u make me smile when im sad

u make me stand up when im about to fall

smiling again n again :)


fara rasep said...

yang,nan hotel tak jumpa?

anyssa said...

tak :(

i pegi pulau kecik. panorama. tu kat pulau besar ke?

fara rasep said...

tak.nan hotel ada kat around jetty tuh jugak.heheh

anyssa said...

ala xperasan. ok 25th ni i cari. hehehe

kudapolo said...

2 ari touring's serambi mekah doing now? hehe

anyssa said...

hehehe. back to basic, i can say ;p