Friday, May 15, 2009

national park

still cant find myself the "time" to wrap up all the experiences in national park in one post. sigh. time, i need you.

ok lets on any picture to enlarge

personally, this is a new experience for me.had a preparation shopping for this i said before, jogging is a big no no for me.xkan nak pkai swimming suit or dress masuk hutan plak kan :D

we purposely drove to jerantut instead of taking bus to jerantut just to get the feeling of a after lepak at cang's place arnd 3 am, we took a short nap n woke up at 4am. we slept for 1 freaking hour and prayed that none of us faint or had a mental disorder.heee

due to cang's 'tido mati', i had to drive my car to cang's place just to wake him up by knocking alang's room at the back of his house.we reached jerantut safely eventho cang's driving can cause u a heart attack :D

1st day:

there are 2 ways to get to kuala tahan from kuala tembeling jetty, by bus for one hour or 3 hours of river crossing by boat n we chose boat.

boat riding caused my so-not-fair-skin even darker.sunburn.

our first activity is the cave exploration.saw several orang asli settlement along the track.i can say that gua telinga exploration is the best activity we had within that 3 days.inside the cave, u'll see various shapes of stalactites and stalagmites and it is advisable to bring along torchlight coz its dark inside plus the track is soo narrow that it can only fit one person at a time. the best part was when u saw thousand of bats just above ur head. batman yo!

pokok meranti

look.this is what i meant by, this cave can only fit one person at a time

above awesome.centimeters away from ur head yo! mata pon da mcm batman dah :DD

we had a night jungle trekking on the first night.saw some creatures and the activity was stopped due to heavy rain and strong wind.

2nd day:

woke up arnd 8.30am, get ourselves ready for bfast and started our jungle trekking,canopy walkway n tahan mountain view activities.the canopy walkway is a suspension bridge hanging 40 meters above the ground and 520 meters in length. the walkway offers visitors a scenic walk among the tree tops to observe nature at close range.

on our way to the longest suspension bridge walkway in the wold

sape ckp sy takut? :))

from the lowest to the highest, heaven-est to the shebbiest place in the world.we still managed to had times of our life.

after we had our lunch, we were damn excited for rapid shoot and orang asli settlement visit.jmpe kawan lama.hahaha.

sumpit.i even did better than icang ;p

orang asli village

rapid shoot activity

night safari was whole of 'lipat melipat' thingy.hahaha.found few kucing hutan, few species of birds n insects.

then lepak lepak lepak

3rd day:

last day was more to free n easy we took the chance to wake up late n walked to lubuk simpon. we took the 2pm boat ride to kuala tembeling jetty.

the best travel mate

lubok simpon

end of the trip.
awak,look at the cap n say something

next plan.putrajaya waterski & wakeboard championship.grrrr

see.another 'i love your random phone call'


fara rasep said...

besar gila pokok tuh.wahahah

anyssa said...

nak peluk 1 akar pon belum tentu dapat :D

waniey_divaliciouswaniey said...

freaking bestnyer travel around m'sia..

anyssa said...

yes yes yes.n more places to go :)

icang said...

pokok besar tu pokok tualang la

anyssa said...

yeke? hahaha.silap lah tu. malah caro

anyssa said...

yeke? hahaha.silap lah tu. malah caro