Sunday, September 6, 2009


anonymous is just so annoying. those are cowards and afraid to reveal their sissy identity. they are the one who easily jump into conclusion and stupid judgment. i read one of my i-can-say idol's blog and saw how heartless they can be. farah, i'm with you. u know what's best for you and ignorance is bliss. be strong. i mean, if u wanna use that 'anonymous' title, at least leave you name by the end of the comment. but sometimes, we can guess the person behind the anonymous and make us smile.

hold on to your kite

on another note..

my days have been great so far. although i hate tests and quizzes back in diploma days, somehow, i miss those days where i struggeled my ass off just to get the highest carry marks possible. final exam is another story. i'm comfortable with my studies so far and that "my course is busier that yours" statement had never came out from my mouth cause i know how busy other courses with test and quizzes every week.
stonger than you

please stay longer so that i can know you better.
dont go just stay


Arafia said...

nyssa, please doakan for my well being ok.thank u for the support babe. i felt so much better everytime reading ur blog,thanx babe =)

Sofia said...

oh btw, i dah ada new private blog.nnt bg i ur email add so that i can add u up =)

farah here btw.ehehhe

anyssa said...

sure sure :)

i'm not good in giving advices but yeah i know how it feels when everyone turns and put the blame on us.

just be strong!