Tuesday, September 22, 2009


celebrating my raya from today till the end of this week here at kajang/cheras houses. this is the time to collect more and more duit raya. i smell money darling. my smile doesnt stop till i get from the rest :)) i need more as i have lots of plan in my mind. next year's scuba trip is a must. blanja lagi banyak dari saving. kadang2 terlebih. how?
gimme more

i think i should cut off this crap before it gets worse. but when i'm about to leave it all behind, it came straight to my face. too lazy to tell the same story all over again. repeat the same line again and again. everything is perfect when we met and i thank you for that. if i have the chance to kill someone, your name appears first ;p
i think i'm falling for you

oh and to ex-jengkarians, read this. as i said, drop of tears at the end of my waterproof mascara. hahaha. jengka oh jengka. i should write a proper updates on jengka vs shah alam and to be honest, jengka wins my my heart in many ways.
mood : raya


Anonymous said...

slamat hari raya.
moga2 kau tak terformat mmc gambar2 raya ko.haha

anyssa said...




selamat hari raya sek divers :)