Tuesday, September 15, 2009

familiar faces

it was such an undescribeable feelings to see familiar faces today. not one but plenty of them. on of them is farah sofia :) she was 'calming' her self down before her progress test starts. i guess both of us share the same principle. klu boleh, xnak pegang buku few mins before any tests/exams start sbb nnti lagi betambah confuse. leave it to our efforts and god. and yes, both of us were wearing polka dots kurung today. we rock in that polka dots kurung darling. heee.

i hv 2 invitations for bbuka tmrw. one from our faculty and the other one is from my ex-coursemates during forensic, yes we have a very tight bond though i was there for only a week. it's gonna be a farewall event for aishah as she is going to UK this 1st raya. girl, i'm proud of u. i know it's a big desicion and im sad that u're leaving. come back with flying colors yea. i think i'll go with the bbuka wit frens. ala sorry la coursemates skrg, bukan anti soSIAL tapi malas la nak involve ape2. that's the whole reason why i refuse to move in.

till then. xoxo

pretty face

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