Saturday, September 12, 2009

back with good feelings

next week would be a settling week as new module starts. ended basic medical science module with a bad feeling on the progress test. haha. i need my normal sleeping pattern back which is 5-6 hrs a day compared to 2-3 hrs i had last week. n most importantly, i need to sleep at night. not after class and stay up from 8-ish pm till morning. and that sleeping pattern makes me cranky all day long.

different ppl have different nicknames. i dont have much short name cause my name is short and simple enough. but still, with those 6 letters, they can still call me with several nicknames. lets see...

anyssa - parents - they'll start a conversation with anyssa, bla bla bla...

nis - parents and family - they have the privillage to call me by this name. however, ade jugak yg gedik nak panggil nis. it sounds weird -.-"

kak nis - yas(brother) and mimin (sister)

nisa - this is common among friends.

sa - cang and his 'family' - x boleh pendek lagi ke? hahaha

babe - only for atielia - i'm forever yours. heee

slept from 12pm-5pm n now im off to bed. xoxo

off for good


kudapolo said...

remember the new resolution we made earlier?

alhamdulillah. biarpun rezeki tak pat, rezeki laen dpt..

have a nice weekend :)

anyssa said...

go zahid go!

catch up wit u wit lots of latest stories later :)

lea said...

hee. terharu (':
nysa kawan saya paling best dlm dunieee. okay bye. (:

Anonymous said...

kak nis?
mek nis bleh?
ko meksa?

anyssa said...

klu panggil sy kaknis, nama kite dah x sama :(