Sunday, September 13, 2009

salon story

so i gt my hair treatment done just nw. i dont really care bout styling my hair during raya since it's naturally straight. terima seadanye. but i have to admit that i'm thankful for having this crown on top of my head.

unlike several ppl esp guys who cant get enough of straighten/rebonding/watever u name it style. lagi2 raya lagi sminggu so basically, it was filled with muslims. they make me wanna laugh and puke each time i look guys coming out from the salon with their silky+looks like my cat's fur hair. hahahha. im okay with girls doing it but please avoid that broom looking style.

saying my hello to oral biology module.

is there any word to replace 'i miss you'?


adibputera said...

i nak jumpa u dekat terengganu :(
i wish i could.

i rindu u la bodo!! haha

anyssa said...

u teman j n suf raya kat sini lah k.

i pon nak jmpe u la ngek!!

sape nak teman i pegi mcd then straight to a&w then straight to pantai :(