Saturday, April 24, 2010


it's okay to chill your diet program during finals,z because that's what i'm doing now. the difference is i don't have any diet program in particular. been stuffing my stomach with foods that are potentially harmful to the body in the future.

you say - cheese is fattening

i say - cheese contains milk that provides calcium to our teeth

see how i manipulate facts? :D

secret recipe's marble cheese cake

let's eat!


kudapolo said...

cheese was the primary factor i got fat when i was in form 4. the freezer has never failed to supply me enuf cheese. haih.

smpilah i moved to kl, living all alone, takde dh beli cheese. duit beli makanan beli benda laen...hehe

let's eat!

anyssa said...

hopefully my post wont distract you that much :D