Sunday, April 4, 2010


in my previous post, i revealed my first ever ambition when i was a hormonal teenager. i know there's no where for me to get there since i have to finish my study in 5 years times. sigh i wish 5 years is just 5 months.

last semester, the frequently asked questions were, why dentistry? is this your first choice? i'm so over it. we even have to list down our reasons and present it during PBL session. i mean, you'll get the same lame answers, yet you still want to ask us for another gazillion times.

i have only one reason in my mind. and my answer is, i want to be like Dr. Ruslan, my idol. i was inspired by him in many ways. he's my orthodontic (braces) doctor for almost 4 years now. it takes me longer than anyone else because i have to wait one year for my impacted canine to erupt and i went for treatment once in 3 months instead of once a month because i was doing my diploma in jengka.

i guess not a single person in this planet isn't scared of doctor or dentist. a simple checkup can rises your blood pressure and you will be shaking like never before due to nervousness. i'm not excluded. but in Dr. Ruslan's case, i dont think any of his patients is scared of him. i'm excited to see him every month. no, i'm serious. he's a soft-spoken man, greats you with a smile and makes you forget that he's capable to pull-off all of your teeth in one time.

somewhere in may last year...

me: doctor, i had just graduated with cgpa 3.**
Dr. Ruslan: oh congratulations. so what did you apply for your degree?
me: my first choice is dentistry. i want to be like you.
i want to be an orthodontist.
Dr. Ruslan: oh my. nanti you sakit belakang! are willing to sacrifice your 5 years of life? and another 4 years for master?
me: yes i am!

and now, he'll ask me on what i've studied every time we meet during appointments. its a reminder for me to get good results in exams because he'll ask me. okay this part is scary.

during my previous appointment...

me: doctor, i think my canine is rotated distally.
Dr. Ruslan: oh i almost forgot that i'm talking to a future dentist. i'm so proud of you. let me see.

well, it was actually Dr. Luay, my lecturer who told me about the problem and i was just pretending as if i knew what is going on with my tooth. hahahaha.

i look up to him in career wise. he's a lovely and nice in person. oh and not to mention,he's a handsome man in his age. and his rows of expensive cars are drooling me.

i know its a long way to be in his position. in the next 5 years, i'm a general dental officer. and it takes another 4 years to be an orthodontic specialist. its my dream to get there and sky is the limit. insyaallah god will lead me.

can i wear a tucked in victorian shirt with high waisted skirt as my office attire later? :D


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