Sunday, April 18, 2010

alien vs human

classes were officially ended last Friday for my faculty and i believe, so the rest of other faculties. the difference is i have 3 weeks of study leaves while they have 2 -3 days to study before they get their hands down on the first paper. poor you guys. hahaha. dont get too excited pretty girl, professional exam is waiting for you.

so i thought of celebrating my first ever long break since my semester break was only for a week. yes, i know. i've been repeating this forever. since i haven't meet jannah as if i'm in Malaysia and she's in London, i texted her to meet or something.

me : what will you be doing from 8-12 tonight?

jannah js : study. shut up. dont laugh. why?

me : ermm wanted to meet you up for shopping and drinks. it's okay. i forgot you have paper next week.

jannah : first paper is titas(CTU) and dont forget that you took this subject too. fyi, paper is on thursday.

me : shoooot. lupa! hahahaha. okay love you.

i totally forgot that i have final paper on this coming thursday. shoot. shall make a good friend with the notes now.

little did i know, not only jannah js is taking the same subject with me but chong and taqim as well. at last, we have something in common. i feel like a human again. all this while, i'm an alien to them.

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